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What is the work of AWS solution architect

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An AWS solution architect is working on constructing a technical answer to a problem/question that is important to the end user’s needs. It may change from time to time, depending on the challenging sources and your particular area of ​​expertise. The work function of an AWS Solution Architect can be situated divided into two broad categories:

• Reactive Tasks: This can occur when the client prompts you to fix a problem. Typically, this may ask questions like “How do I implement a battery-powered IP CCTV solution anywhere and access it remotely?” How can I remotely retrieve data from a vehicle? How do I provide my employees in remote areas with an Internet connection? “Frequently, the customer does not know the challenging factor. They want something that has to work because they do not understand how it works.

If the task of an AWS solution architect is to capture the details, clarify the exact problem, and provide solutions to these requirements, you must divide the complicated requirements into manageable, detachable parts, create solutions for each section, and then summarise everything as a one-stop solution original problem. It requires an AWS solution architect familiar with industry protocols, electronics, long-range Wi-Fi, APIs, remote management technologies, data centres, cellular networks, firewalls, server hosting, battery power, and IP networks.

After designing the solutions, the next step will always be a proof-of-concept to minimise the risks (commercial and technical) as the PoC addresses the customer. If the work of an AWS architect depends on the customer, he or she can visualise and implement a plan on-site, or they can be asked to oversee the delivery of the complete turnkey solution.

The next step is to act as an independent lawyer for the client and to inform him about current best practices. It means that it is a challenge for suppliers and contractors to offer cost-effective innovation and sometimes act as a kind of technology translator to customers, suppliers and the business. To ensure that the project is solved without any problems as they arise.

Non-reactive: This is more about exploring better and cost-effective options to make the technologies work and even upgrade them. It means, at a point of time, one looks for new approaches, techniques, and products that are apt for existing problems. It may stay completed by attending exhibitions, training days and webinars. Many AWS architects buy equipment and tools and subscriptions to new services, and building code applications, machined plastics, electronic prototypes & metals, wireless networks and install IP CCTV.It enables an aws solution architect jobs to learn about areas of their specialism to know the answers of questions that might be put up from the customer’s end or to know precisely where or who to go to get one.

When does a Company need solution Architecture?

Technology consulting companies can introduce solution architectures into the business structure if the process of integrating software systems is not systematic. A solution architect is not required for all projects. The solution architecture is not needed when implementing a

single module with proven technology. However, it is advisable to consider solution architecture services as projects become more complicated and result in different risks and processes. A solution architect is needed if:
They do not know which solution best suits the company’s ecosystem: it’s essential to build a connection between a particular project and the business architecture. The solution’s architecture ensures that the solution meets the company’s environmental standards. The digital transformation project is underway: in digital transformation projects, companies need to reassess what they deliver to their customers or how they deliver it. Without the linking of business and technological tasks, this is not possible, as a solution architect does.

• There are many risks: Projects that require different technical risks, uncertain requirements, multi-product implementations, or unapproved underlying technologies need a solution architect

• A future product must have sent to investors. In this case, the solution architects help propose appropriate techniques to meet the production requirements. They also communicate in clear and understandable business terms. Communication between engineers and stakeholders should be set up: There can be a communication gap between a non-technical and technical specialist. Solution architects help bridge that gap

The project involves multiple teams: Larger projects require someone for managing the designers, business or professional architect teams for producing value outcomes.

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