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Are Power Stop Brakes Any Good?

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Are Power Stop Brakes Any Good? Stopping the power of a car is as important as choosing a powerful car, perhaps even more. People are more focused on the speed a car can reach, but it can be mortally dangerous to neglect a car’s stopping power. This is where the brakes come in. What kind of brakes a car has, has a huge impact on it’s stopping. Though there are other variables like the weight of the car and the distance between the rear and wheels, brakes are what matter the most. This is the reason that people pay special attention to their brakes. They like to own the most trusted and safe set available out there. There are a lot of brands available out there. Power stop is one of the most talked-about and hyped brands. Today, we discuss the goods and bads in Power Stop brakes. Are they worth the hype? More importantly, are they worth your money? We help you out of this pickle!

The Positives

Smart and clever design

Power stop has put a lot of thought in designing the brakes. Different components of the set like rotors, brake pads,etc fit each other perfectly and work together like sheer magic. This gives the everyday drive a comfort unmatched. This also helps in elongating the life of the brake set. Also, it makes braking safe and comfortable when the car is at those high speeds on the highway.

Elite class rotors

The rotors are an example of high build quality that Power stop offers. These rotors are drilled and slotted. This helps in heat dissipation. Thus, breaks have a long life. Moreover, the rotor is made of stainless steel. This, too, adds to the life of the brakes. Even after a long time of use, rotors will not show any sign of deterioration.

Noise cancellation

The braking pads in the set are made of carbon fiber ceramic. Ceramic pads are known for producing a high-frequency sound that is undetectable by human ears. This results in less noise coming inside the car, providing a noise-free cabin. Moreover, shims are rubberized to reduce the noise even more.  Ceramic pads are stronger and thus, last longer. Dust ceases to be a problem because of ceramic pads.

Brake set is easy to install

Installation is not a time consuming or rigid task if using a Power stop brake set. This is because the kit comes with a ceramic lubricant which makes installation very easy. Though installing rotors can be a bit tricky.

Compatible for all vehicles

Power stop brakes are not designed for only a single class of vehicles. They can match the caliber of all kinds of vehicles and all types of work that is expected from those vehicles. It can muscle cars, pick up trucks, sedans, SUVs or anything else. And they can be used for everyday driving, drag racing, hard stops or even wet or dusty slopes. Power stop brakes got everything covered!

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